Rare place with wonderful view In indonesia with many people not know it. enjoy.

Selasa, 13 Januari 2015

tangkil island in lampung indonesia

tangkil island in lampung indonesia - Indonesia is archipelago, country with many culture, tribe, religion, and language. Tangkil island one of thousand island in Indonesia wich is beautiful. this is my pict when im in pulau tangkil or tangkil Island.

 Wonderful view with "Bakau forest" I dont know bakau in english, but look at the picture. Colour of sand in tangkil island is white, its good walk aroud the beach in the island

we can go there with local ship owned by local people in near location.

In tangkil island we can make barberque and then swimming and then banana boat ing etc . . .

In thankil island we can hunting many photo, capturing moment by moment and relaxing in "gazebo" 

That my last pict..  :D

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